World Easy PCB

Huizhou World Easy PCB Co., Ltd. was established in September 1998, World Easy (Hong Kong) Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. owned enterprises. Company covers an area of 26,000㎡ , building area of 16,000㎡. The company's total assets 50 million Hong Kong dollars, The company mainly produces double-sided, multi-layer (including Blind- via/Buried-via) printed circuit board. Products are widely used in communications, computers, household appliances, industrial equipment, automotive and other precision electronic products. Company existing staff 380 people, an annual production capacity of 360,000㎡, with annual sales of 2.6 billion RMB.

Companies adhere to the "quality first" policy to the production, the constant injection of funds for technology research and development, The current technology level of the domestic advanced level, Product highest rise of 18 layers, thickness 0.2mm - 4.0mm, the minimum via 0.1mm, minimum line width / line spacing 0.076mm/0.076mm, Surface

process has the main types of HASL , gold plating, gold-plated plugs, OSP, selective gold plating, Electroless silver, Electroless tin , Electroless gold plating Nickel and so on. Has now passed ISO9001 ,ISO14000 , and UL , and has established a sound system of green products.

Companies adhere to the "market-centered, customer- oriented" marketing policy, and constantly develop new markets,products exported to Europe and America, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

With a ”people-oriented” mechanism, Companies insist professionals to nurture and reserves, Now has a large number of the major PCB production and management and the quality of well-trained staff, and continue to introduce advanced management concepts and strive to enhance the management level.

Companies spirit of "excellent quality products manufactured to customer satisfaction as their own mission " business tenet, are vigorous vitality, a solid foundation of technology and strict scientific management, to create the best costeffective products, and is committed to PCB to create their own brand.




Enterprise spirit

Dedication, integrity, unity, progress, pragmatism, truth-seeking and excellence

People oriented cooperation and innovation

Enterprise concept

People oriented, open up, innovate, improve continuously, satisfy customers, devote to the most advanced technology to provide customers with high-quality products

Business purpose

Customer satisfaction is the responsibility of manufacturing high quality products

交货准时 Delivery on time


从收到客户标准PCB文件始 (Receiving the standard PCB files)

双 面 板 1-3 天 1 to 3 days (double-sided PCB)  多 层 板 2-5 天 2 to 5 days (multi-lays PCB)

批量时限 Volumes

双面板:(首次交货)5-7天 多层板:(首次交货)7-10天

double-sided PCB: ( first delivery) 5-7 days  multi-lays PCB: ( first delivery) 7-10 days